NFC business cards: making contacts easily and environmentally friendly

With our NFC business cards, exchanging contact details is easier than ever before!

All you need to do is hold your smartphone close to the card and all the important contact details and information are automatically imported onto your smartphone. But that's not all - our NFC business cards can also contain interactive elements such as links to websites or social media profiles, so you can get additional information with a simple tap.

And the best thing about it? Our NFC business cards are more environmentally friendly than conventional business cards because they can save paper and resources by being reusable.

Two NFC business cards from Schmid-Fehr AG lie on a wooden table next to a computer keyboard. One black card shows the company logo and the name 'Schmid-Fehr', while the other card has colored text elements with the words 'Atelier. Process. Druck.' and contact details of the company.

Still not convinced that you really need a business card? Read our article "Why business cards are still indispensable despite digitalization" and find out what advantages business cards offer you.

Leave a lasting impression!

Ensure a smooth exchange of information with our NFC business cards. Contact us now and create your own customized NFC business cards!


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