Sustainable printing: how it works!

Sustainability is on everyone's lips and there are many ways in which each of us can contribute to minimizing the environmental impact of our actions. Printing can also be made climate-neutral in order to reduce the ecological footprint. But how does this actually work?

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We print climate neutrally: We take care of our planet in our pressroom, studio and process workshop.

Carbon neutral printing refers to reducing the impact of printing on the environment by offsetting carbon emissions associated with the manufacture and operation of printers and printing processes. One way to achieve this is by using recycled paper to reduce the need for new paper and therefore the use of energy and resources in paper production. The use of environmentally friendly inks such as vegetable-based inks or water-based inks can also help to reduce emissions of harmful chemicals and toxic materials.

Without paper, nothing would work in our pressroom. And at the same time, paper is a precious raw material from the world's forests - one of the most productive ecosystems, the economic use of which requires the utmost care. To ensure that this treasure is preserved for future generations and that you can still order your print products with a clear conscience, we use certified papers. Papers that meet strict ecological and social standards from the forest to the end customer. 

Energy-efficient printers are also an important measure for achieving climate-neutral printing. The use of energy-efficient printers can reduce energy consumption and thus also reduce carbon emissions. In addition, renewable energy sources such as solar energy or wind energy can be used to power printers and printing processes in order to reduce dependence on fossil fuels.

Another important aspect is offsetting carbon emissions. This involves reducing emissions elsewhere in order to offset the emissions generated during printing. This can be achieved, for example, by purchasing carbon certificates.

Climate-neutral printing is an important measure to reduce our ecological footprint and protect our environment. Each of us can contribute to this by printing more consciously and choosing climate-neutral options.

P.S. We save and even produce our own energy. Thanks to our photovoltaic system on the roof, we cover up to 20% of our electricity consumption simply through the power of the sun.


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