We combine Swiss pioneering spirit and care with pragmatism and courage for any adventure.

Matthias Schmid
Matthias Schmid Captain
Managing Director + Customer Advisor
Andrea Kaufmann
Andrea Kaufmann Head of Order Management
+ Production, Member of GL
Yves Chenevard
Yves Chenevard Customer consultant + member of the GL
Andreas Fuchs
Andreas Fuchs Order Manager + Member of GL
Janine Bongard
Janine Bongard Order manager
Erwin Birchler
Erwin Birchler Sale
Fabienne Schöb
Fabienne Schöb Reception + Administration
Heidi Bischof
Heidi Bischof Reception
Désirée Sieber
Désirée Sieber Administration
Juana Eggenberger
Juana Eggenberger Reception + Publisher
Andreas Schmid
Andreas Schmid Data Compliance Manager
Diana Fuchs-Schmid
Diana Fuchs-Schmid Head of Atelier + member of the GL
Fabienne Riedener
Fabienne Riedener Polygrapher + CTP operator
Florence Züger
Florence Züger Polygrapher
Eliane Spitzenberg
Eliane Spitzenberg Polygrapher
Mara Eggenberger
Mara Eggenberger Multimedia Producer
Parakeet Phikhasorn
Parakeet Phikhasorn Web Developer
Thomas Blatter
Thomas Blatter Team leader media technologist printing
Alberto Di Benedetto
Alberto Di Benedetto Print media technologist
Robert Marbacher
Robert Marbacher Media technologist printing
Rebecca poppy
Rebecca poppy Digital printing media technologist
Gereon von der Linden
Gereon von der Linden Digital printing media technologist
Désirée Wyler
Désirée Wyler CTP operator
Alexandre Ferreira
Alexandre Ferreira Team Leader Print Media Processing
Besart Zekiri
Besart Zekiri Team Leader Print Media Processing
Catherine Clerici
Catherine Clerici Print media processor
Bianca Streule
Bianca Streule Print Media Processor
Silvia Riedo
Silvia Riedo Print media processor
Pino Buonopane
Pino Buonopane Print media processor
Stefania Buonopane
Stefania Buonopane Print media processor
Andreas Schmid
Andreas Schmid Data Compliance Manager

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