Coworking with Morntag

We're just brushing up on our Atelier crew's WordPress skills at an invidual workshop with Morntag. Today there are a lot of new code snippets and knowledge nuggets.

Ahoy Morntag

Today, our paper lab is teeming with "Morntaglers". We have been working with Morntag - Häme and Simea - on a project basis for several years. Today, however, the whole Morntag team visited us here at Lake Constance. 

While our studio crew dared a deep dive into the WordPress world with Simea. The rest of the "Morntagler" made themselves comfortable for coworking with us.

Just like us, Morntag is also a family business - we were thrilled to finally meet everyone in "live".

Thanks for the super exciting day and see you super soon with you!


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