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Together we combine wind and water,
in other words, the World Wide Web with the world of print.

We design on- and offline from logo creations to business cards, fancy flyers to web banners and a fresh web presence.

We create communication solutions together with you.

Together Relying on the Power of Haptics.

Experience shows that print products not only smell good, but have a lasting effect. Print products never go out of fashion. Whether flyers, business cards, mailings, brochures, posters, car lettering or maps, we have been putting color on paper in the heart of Goldach since 1905. The power of haptics: even in the digital age, "touching" still means "understanding".

We are connected body and soul with paper and colors.


for design lovers


From digital


Websites, Social Media, or Google Advertising

The better you do at navigating the digital ocean - the greater your chance of getting noticed - and the smaller your chance of sinking.

Cast the net out to the World Wide Web with us.